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Mass Spectrometry

The Mass Group at SRL has a strong track record in developing novel mass spectrometry instrumentation. This includes work on ion sources, interfaces, ion mobility, ion traps, ion transport devices, time-of-flight, Fourier transform mass spectrometry and detectors, amongst other areas. The Mass Group has a wide ranging collaborator base across industry and academia, and researchers regularly attend international conferences, where work is frequently published. Protecting our intellectual property by patenting inventions is a core part of our remit.

Surface Science

SRL research in the area of Surface Science encompasses a wide area, covering electron microscopy, XPS, Auger, analysers and many other areas. The Surface Group has a wealth of experience in ultra-high vacuum techniques, and strong links to academic and industrial partners.

Software Informatics

The Software Informatics group at SRL develops advanced software and algorithms for data acquisition and processing. As well as software focussing on mass spectrometry and surface science, SRL also conducts research in data processing for other analytical techniques. We have strengths in bioinformatics, parallel processing and fundamental data processing (including peak picking and processing as well as pattern recognition, deconvolution and background removal.


R&D activities are strongly supported by a highly experienced and skilled engineering team, with expertise in electronics, mechanical and software engineering. As well as engineering to support research projects in mass spectrometry and surface science, the engineering group undertakes its own research and development projects to develop improved technology.